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2008 Audio Conference Calendar

  • January 16
    The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It's Not About the Money 

  • February 5
    Lead to Succeed: How to Take Charge and Be Recognized 

  • March 11
    Fundraising in a Diverse World 

  • April 10
    Demystifying Online Marketing for Nonprofits 

  • May 20
    Advanced Annual Giving Techniques: 
    Taking Your Program to the Next Level

  • June 3
    How to Create Benchmarks for Naming Opportunities 

  • July 9
    Keep Your Donors, Part 1: 
    Building Donor-Centered Relationships 

  • August 13
    Four Tried and True Keys to Fundraising Success 

  • September 18
    Keep Your Donors, Part 2:
    The Secrets of Successful Communications 

  • October 29
    Boom Generation Women Create New Horizons for Fundraisers

  • November 6
    Strategy and Messaging: How to Make Your Ideas Stick

  • December 10
    Guerilla Tactics: 
    Motivating Your Board and CEO to Raise More Money