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2005 Chapter Meeting and Workshop Calendar

January 7

  • Chapter Meeting: 
    "Stewardship - What Really Matters"  

February 4

  • Workshop 1: 
    "Who's Putting Your Organization's Accounting and Financial   
      Reporting Under the Microscope and How to Prepare For It" 
  • Workshop 2:
     "I Want to Earn My CFRE - Now What Do I Do?" 
  • Chapter Meeting: 
    "Do You Really Know the Non-Profit Integrity Act 
    - Or Is It Just the Tip of The Iceberg?"

March 4

  • Chapter Meeting 
    "United Way: A Force for Change in Our Community. 
      What does this mean for us?"

April 1

  • Chapter Meeting
    "Major Gifts in San Diego . . . How they really happen!"

May 6

  • Workshop
    "Before Your Donors Run Away: 
      Using Communications to Create Trust in a Crisis"
  • Chapter Meeting
    "Get to Know Us Before You Need Us: Working with the Media"

July 8

  • Richard L. Heinrich Planned Giving Workshop  
    “Throw Away the Textbooks: 
      Real Life Case Studies in Gift Planning" 
  • Chapter Meeting
    Richard L. Heinrich Lecture on Planned Giving
    "Motivations of High Net Worth Donors: 
      Some New 'Whys' of Giving"

August (Dark)

September 9

  • Workshop
    "Knowing the Five Kinds of Corporate Commitments"
  • Chapter Meeting
    "Cracking the Corporate Barrier: What are they really looking for? "

October 7

  • Workshop 
    "Diversity + Inclusiveness =  Success"
  • Chapter Meeting 
    "AFP Embraces Diversity"

November (Dark for National Philanthropy Day)

December 2

  • Chapter Meeting
    17th Annual Michael J. O’Leary Ethics Forum
    "Standing Tall While Getting Down to Business"