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2008 Chapter Meeting and Workshop Calendar

February 1 - Luncheon Program

  • Michael J. O’Leary Ethics Luncheon Program
    Nonprofits, Ethics, and the Fundamental Attribution Error 
    Robert Donmoyer, Ph.D. 

March 7 - Luncheon Program

  • Advancing the Culture of Philanthropy In Your Organization
    Bill Littlejohn
    Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
    Sharp HealthCare Foundation

April 4 - Luncheon Program

  • It Works….When We Work Together!
    Jim Brozo, CFRE, CSPG 
    Senior Gift Planning Advisor,
    Grossmont Hospital Foundation 
    Learn how organizations find new life and success by transitioning from the honored "Gift Pyramid" to a pipeline of activities that moves donors into your organizational family. Find a new appreciation for annual giving and the transition points between donor clubs, major gifts, and planned giving - including tactical coordination and communication. Learn how screenings can provide more than a list of names that may not be on your radar but should be. 

May 2 - Workshop - 7:30 -11:30 a.m.

  • How to Create Successful Direct Mail Campaigns in 2008
    Wendy Katz, President of KassMark, Inc. 
    The workshop will focus on the key principles that lie behind optimizing your organization’s direct mail efforts, both large and small – allowing you to make better decisions on your own moving forward, and includes specific ways to help optimize limited budgets and be competitive in the current marketplace. 

May 2 - Luncheon Program

  • Straight Talk From A Philanthropist
    Ruth Westreich
    The Westreich Foundation 
    As a philanthropist and Co-Chair of USD’s Nonprofit Leadership and Management Masters program, doctoral program and the Caster Center for Nonprofit Research, recently named the Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research , Ruth works tirelessly to be a vital force in strengthening the entire nonprofit and philanthropy sector in San Diego by helping to establish best practices for nonprofits. Ruth will share some surprising facts and insights that could change your thinking about how you engage philanthropists and collaborative partners to your organization. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to development, you will not want to miss this thought-provoking luncheon program.

June 6 - Workshop - 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

  • Marketing The Case For Giving
    This workshop will help you lose weight, reverse hair loss, and close your next sponsorship agreement.  Three of the best minds in San Diego’s marketing and public relations community will share with you their core ideas for more effective communications and marketing.  Whether you are a senior professional or brand new in non-profit management, you will walk away from this hands-on, interactive workshop with concepts that you can immediately apply to your daily best practices. 

June 6 - Luncheon Program

  • From Good To Great: San Diego Is A Giving Community
    Panel discussion facilitated by 
    Doug Dawson, Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation
    Panel members:
    Nancy Jamison, San Diego Grantmakers
    Bob Kelly, San Diego Foundation
    Christy Wilson, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation


  • No meeting



August 8 - Workshop

  • Professional Development: 
    Putting Your Fundraising Skills to Work for You
    Janie Anderson, CFRE 
    Most fundraisers know the key to successful solicitation is careful preparation. Learn how to apply good fundraising techniques to your next negotiation for a raise, for your starting compensation at a new position, or for an exit package.  Helping you manage your career in today’s turbulent nonprofit environment, this valuable workshop will address questions such as: Is it best to stay in my current job or is it time to move on? What will my supervisor want to hear when I ask for a raise? In a new job, how do I structure a good package? How do I negotiate a departure on my terms?  This workshop will be useful to development professionals at any level who wish to gain a better understanding of compensation issues and negotiation skills.

August 8 - Luncheon Program

  • Major Gift Fundraising:
    Winning Gifts: Make Your Donors Feel Like Winners
    Tom Wilson, Development Consultant and Author of Winning Gifts 
    Winning Gifts features numerous real-world examples of nonprofit organizations of various types and sizes, taken from the author's personal experiences that bring concepts to life. Sample lists of questions to ask as well as sample tabulations from study interviews give readers concrete examples to work from. In addition, each chapter includes three tips to put to immediate use. Plus, Tom's listening skills chapter alone will help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals for years to come.

September 5 - Workshop

  • Richard L. Heinrich Planned Giving Program
    Large Shop – Small Shop – No Shop:  
    Planned Giving To Fit Any Size Budget 

    Sandra Ciallella
    Assistant Vice President for Development
    University Relations, USD  
    Numerous factors play a role in how successful your planned giving program can be. How much money you have to spend is not the biggest determinant. Planned giving can be a part of your development program regardless of the size of your budget.  While it’s true that you can do more with more money, having less money does not mean you can’t be successful in planned giving.  It’s really about assessing what you have to work with, setting reasonable planned giving goals and priorities, and understanding the resources available to you.  It’s also about understanding how to measure planned giving success.  
    The purpose of this workshop is to help attendees understand the various component parts of a successful planned giving program, assess the resources available to them within any size budget, learn the best way to utilize what is available and measure planned giving success.
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September 5 - Luncheon Program

  • Richard L. Heinrich Planned Giving Program 
    Chasing The Marketing Rainbow: 
    The real reason planned giving programs don’t succeed
    and what you can do about it.
    Sam Caldwell
    Hear one of the top innovators in the field talk about the revolution in planned giving marketing, how it can help you, what you can reasonably expect in terms of results, and why more and better marketing will never be enough!  Learn what the real key to success is, why no one wants to talk about it, and how you can make it happen. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to charitable gift planning, you will not want to miss this thought-provoking session . 

    Sam Caldwell, Founder and President of The Planned Giving Company and co-founder of Virtual Giving, Inc., a national provider of planned giving Web sites. Nationally recognized for his innovative leadership in planned giving, Sam has 16 years of front-line experience in charitable gift planning.  He has served as Director of Planned Giving at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and at The Lawrenceville School, a top-ranked boarding school near Princeton, NJ. A graduate of Amherst College (B.A.) and Earlham School of Religion (M.Div.), he was a co-founder of Virtual Giving, Inc. and was the originator of many features of the Virtual Giving websites, including "Plan-A-Gift" and "Picture This Gift." Sam also co-leads the WinningPG(tm) Seminar, a top-rated planned giving seminar.

October 3 - Luncheon Program

  • Corporate Relations
    Panel Discussion
    What is Corporate Social Responsibility
    and how is it impacting non-profits in San Diego?

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is commonly described by its promoters as aligning a company's activities with the social, economic and environmental expectations of its "stakeholders." Many San Diego businesses have implemented this  philosophy in different ways in their companies. The luncheon program will include a panel of leading corporate representatives featuring a cross section of the San Diego business community including defense, communications, casinos and biotech. They will explain how their organization makes the decision to share resources with the San Diego  community and beyond.

October 17 - Workshop

  • I Want To Earn My CFRE - What Do I Need To Do?
    Whether you are aiming for certification this year or just beginning to investigate the process, this workshop will be helpful.  The CFRE designation shows your commitment to your profession and a standard level of knowledge.  Earning this designation is a multi-step process that can seem daunting but will be rewarding to you.  Led by AFP members who have “survived” the CFRE process, the workshop will be informal and practical.  The workshop will provide you with information about preparing for and completing the application, and about preparing for and taking the CFRE examination.  The panel members will give their tips for success and answer your questions.


  • Wednesday, November 12
    Celebrating National Philanthropy Day
    Click here for more information

December 5 - Luncheon Program

  • Volunteer Leadership and Succession Planning
    Toni Woodward Nickell
    , recipient of the 2008 Spirit of Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Organizational Volunteer, will be sharing a few stories and her perspective on volunteering for more than 25 years.  We will discuss how to engage volunteers to train their successors, finding volunteer leaders and barriers to volunteer involvement.