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RFP for Management and Program Services

Company: Leadership California
Date Posted: August 14, 2017

Note that the formatting of the RPF did not fully carryover. if interested, please request a full electronic copy of he RPF from Danell Scarborough at 

The RFP should be emailed in a single PDF document by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 8, 2017 to: Danell Scarborough, Secretary at 

All questions regarding Leadership California’s RFP and submission process should be held for the Bidder’s Conference Call on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. PDT Conference Call Information: 1‐800‐582‐3014; Participant Code: 084‐227‐237 




    1. Leadership California is in a growth phase. Having celebrated our 25th anniversary and completed a strategic plan in 2016, we are poised to make significant strides forward. We are seeking management that is positioned and interested in growing with our organization.

    2. Leadership California has been served by one association management services firm based in Pasadena, California for the past 19 years. The organization flourished under their guidance. That firm has chosen not to renew its contact. Leadership California is now seeking services from new sources.

    3. With this Request for Proposals (RFP) we are seeking proposals from (individuals or firms) interested in being considered to provide professional management services and deliver programs for Leadership California.

    4. The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to establish a contract with a vendor experienced in providing professional management and program services in a similar field. A selection committee will conduct an evaluation of the proposals and award a contract to the firm or individual whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to current needs and future growth.

    5. Leadership California is amenable to the RFP reflecting full in‐house management company staffing or partial in‐house staffing with supplemental contracted expertise

    6. Leadership California reserves the right to approve a designated account executive/executive director.


    1. 501(c)3; A California Nonprofit Public Corporation – Foundation for Leadership California

    2. Incorporated in 1988

    3. 1992 Launch of flagship, yearlong California Issues & Trends Program

    4. 1994 hired staff for captive model

    5. 1999 AMC full‐management model

    6. 2003 Legacy of Leadership Awards Event launched

    7. 2008 Created new brand Image, website, communications & collaterals

    8. 2010 Formed the Executive Advisory Council

    9. 2011 Celebrated 20th Anniversary of CIT and conducted a 20‐year CIT assessment

    10. 2011 Revamped Legacy of Leadership Awards Event

    11. 2014 Conducted a CIT Program review and revamp

    12. 2015 Launched the Central Valley Women’s Forum

    13. 2015 Launched Leadership California Goes to Washington, DC‐a biennial program

    14. 2016 Celebrated 25th Anniversary of CIT

    15. 2016 Conducted a Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Study on the CIT Program and our diversity &

      inclusion practices and progress



    1. 19‐person board of directors – decision‐making authority with executive director serving ex‐officio

    2. 5‐person executive committee

    3. 16 committees engaged in programs and/or support committees, i.e. public relations with

      committee formation, purpose and program of work approved by the board in alignment with the

      strategic plan

    4. 28‐person executive advisory council – no decision‐making authority

    5. Leadership California is not a membership model. It has participants in its programs and

      “Alumnae” of its programs and it conducts annual giving across its “Alumnae & Friends.” There are 1,600 Alumnae of the yearlong California Issues & Trends Program (CIT), with an additional 250‐300 participants at other programs and events.


    1. VISION ‐ Moving Women from Success to Significance

    2. MISSION ‐ To increase the representation and influence of diverse women leaders across the state

      and inspire them to act on their knowledge of issues and cutting‐edge trends facing California, the

      nation, and the world.


      1. Design and facilitate interactive educational programs; use ideas and information to enhance the influence of California women leaders and inspire them to act.

      2. Create a network of women with diverse skills and backgrounds to promote and support their advancement into increasing leadership roles in all sectors of society.

      3. Champion women’s leadership opportunities and roles in all aspects of California society, economy, and culture.

      4. Communicate and increase awareness among women on public policy issues facing the state of California.

      5. Increase women’s individual and collective voice in leadership roles.


    “Empowering Leaders through Diverse Networks and Inclusive Learning Experiences”

    Bringing together diverse female leaders and role models is central to our work. In fact, the transformative growth experiences we seek to create are made possible only through intentional consideration of both content and people when developing our programs.
    This planning is, most of all, about achieving greater effectiveness. As a former CIT participant put the importance of representative participation:
    “The best work gets done by diverse teams—and I don’t mean that in a decorative sense. I mean diverse in their ways of thinking about things.” For us this is a core strategy, since cultivating leaders who respect and embrace diversity is key to our mission of moving women from success to significance.

    Our focus on diversity and inclusion applies to the structuring of our programs as well as our organization itself. Participants have benefitted from our increasing attention to this aspect of our work, which integrates differences in race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, income, sector, and geography as critical components of the learning experience of Leadership California programs.

    Indeed, a recent study conducted among CIT participants and alumnae found a significant number report being exposed to new perspectives, professions, geographies, and personal experiences that enrich their own understanding and opportunities. Our participants speak of their CIT experience as providing different perspectives and broader ways of thinking. Through the program, they are


introduced to diverse women role models reinforcing their belief in the possibilities of their own leadership positions. The program helps them learn how to mentor more inclusively, identify talent regardless of the package it comes in, recognize social disparities and inherent biases, and most importantly, contribute to meaningful forms of inclusion in their communities and workplaces.

Ultimately, the participants who complete the CIT program feel better equipped to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and report having applied diversity and inclusion‐related awareness and skills developed through CIT in their lives or workplaces. This dimension of their learning contributes to the growth and confidence that leads to 80 percent of participants feeling that CIT attendance has benefitted their careers. With clear evidence that our approach matters and works, we are committed to expanding our outreach to companies that share our diversity and inclusion value proposition and strategy to help ensure California can count on a strong base of diverse female leaders now and in the future.

vi. California

vii. Diversity viii. Connections

ix. Opportunities x. Inclusion

xi. Knowledge
d. For more information about Leadership California, please visit


    1. Financial Stability

    2. 2017‐2019 Strategic Plan supported by the board, executive advisory council and current executive


    3. Recognized for its programs but seeking greater visibility

    4. Open to new opportunities within its capacity to deliver

    5. Strong, sustained sponsor base with a desire to grow a broader base of support


    1. ADDENDUM A Scope of Services

    2. Bylaws

    3. December 31, 2016 Financial statement

    4. Current operating budget

    5. Strategic Plan 2017 – 2019

    6. 2017 Board & Organizational Committees

    7. 2017 Organizational Chart

    8. 2018 CIT Preliminary Program Overview



    1. The initial contract term resulting from this RFP will be three years, subject to the provider remaining in full compliance with the terms of the contract. Leadership California board officers will oversee and assess the provider’s performance under the contract on a regular basis. The provider may terminate the contract without cause upon twelve (12) months prior written notice. Leadership California may terminate the contract without cause upon four months prior written notice and with cause upon thirty (30) days prior written notice.

    2. Leadership California shall retain full ownership of and have non‐restricted access to all information, materials, data, technology, websites, social media accounts, and intellectual property created by provider and any of its contractors on behalf of Leadership California during the term of the contract.

    3. Provider will not change personnel designated in the contract to provide services to Leadership California without the prior written approval of Leadership California.

    4. Provider will be fully responsible for the payment of all wages, benefits, taxes and insurance due to its employees and contractors, and provider will indemnify and hold Leadership California harmless from any claims or allegations that any employee, contractor or other personnel or agent of provider is an employee of Leadership California.


    Individuals and firms responding to this RFP shall submit their proposal in electronic format. All proposals shall be submitted as a PDF attachment. Please include:

    1. An Executive Summary highlighting the contents of the proposal and providing an understanding of how your approach assist in furthering the mission of Leadership California.

    2. A description of your company and how it is organized to serve its clients.

    3. A detailed description of services to be offered ‐ an explanation of your ability to provide

      support for each component and deliverable set forth in the Scope of Service.

    4. Describe what type of value added and future growth services could be provided.

    5. Indicate services that you typically outsource.

    6. An explanation of the company’s experience and a summary of key accomplishments in a

      similar organization.

    7. A clear explanation of how your company charges for its services with a detailed breakdown

      of proposed costs and how these expenses will fit with Leadership California’s budget.

    8. The qualifications and responsibilities of the account executive and program director(s) who

      will serve our organization. Provide names and resumes of key personnel who will provide

      services to Leadership California.

    9. A description of how your company will meet the immediate needs and fulfill the future

      goals of our organization.

    10. A proposed plan and description of how services will be smoothly transferred from existing

      administrative service firm with details on how service disruptions will be mitigated.

      Include a specific transition schedule and costs for the transition activities.

    11. A representative client list with at least three references with contact information.

    12. A statement of acceptance of the anticipated key contract terms

    Each proposer shall be solely responsible for all costs and expenses associated with the preparation and/or submission of its proposal, or incurred in connection with any interviews and negotiations



a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Leadership California retains the right to:

  1. Supplement, amend, or otherwise modify the solicitation process including issuing additional or

    subsequent solicitations.

  2. Investigate the qualifications of any entity under consideration.

  3. Approve the selection of the assigned executive / program director.

  4. Reject incomplete proposals or request additional documentation to support information included

    in proposal.

  5. Enter into a final agreement with terms that vary from the terms set forth in the RFP.


Evaluation of the Submittal

Proposer’s relevant experience and plan to deliver scope of services
Pricing – competitive fees and expenses
Skills and qualifications of assigned personnel through employees and/or additional contractors Value add for Leadership California and fit with culture and values
Quality of proposal
Acceptance of key contract terms
Additional Criteria for Selection of Firm

  •  Location – a physical place, in a large metropolitan area

  •  Woman owned and operated desirable

  •  Experience in supporting the advancement of women in leadership positions

  •  Demonstrate a strong knowledge of and connection to current issues and trends in California

  •  Nonpartisan, nonpolitical

  •  No legal complaints or missed audits

  •  Experience with nonprofit operations and regulations

    Required Skill Set for Executive Director Position

  •  Experience in being the face of an organization and experience with women’s organizations a plus

  •  Demonstrated track record of relationship building at multiple levels: community, partnership,

    professional, and individual

  •  Strong contacts with key players in the business, government, education and non‐profit sectors across


  •  Experience raising funds and sponsorships from major donor, corporations, and foundations and

    meeting fundraising/sponsorship goals

  •  Experience with high yield special events or other major fundraising campaigns

  •  Has led management teams; articulates a compelling management philosophy

  •  Has excellent communication skills

  •  Has excellent presentation skills

  •  Ability to adapt and innovate



Anticipated Timeline
o Publish RFP Notice
o Bidder’s conference call for Q&A
o Inform Leadership California of intent to bid in

order to received continued RFP information o Proposals due
o Initial screening of proposals completed
o Interviews conducted and references checked o Finalists recommended to Board of Directors o Begin discussions on contract specifics
o Finalists to visit Session IV, San Diego for 1⁄2 day o Final Recommendation & Board Decision
o Finalize contract
o Transition start date
o Formal start date
o Transition period


The RFP should be emailed in a single PDF document by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 8, 2017 to: Danell Scarborough, Secretary at

Upon release of the RFP, all questions regarding Leadership California’s RFP and submission process should be held for the Bidder’s Conference Call on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. PDT Conference Call Information: 1‐800‐582‐3014; Participant Code: 084‐227‐237