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Brand, Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Company: Just in Time for Foster Youth (JIT)
Date Posted: May 30, 2016

Did you have a family to count on when you turned 18? Each year, hundreds of foster youth without caring connections struggle to find essential support they need to survive and thrive when they leave the system.

If you're an exceptional brand savvy storyteller with superior skills in social media who wants to make a difference in the lives of young people, we want to meet you. If you're looking for a dynamic, impact-driven organization that values creativity and a passion for transformative service—and offers the opportunity to use your strengths every day with a team of talented social entrepreneurs—you want to meet us. If this sounds like you, please read on.

As the Brand, Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Just in Time for Foster Youth (JIT), you'll help mobilize San Diego as an "extended family" to fill the resource and relationship gap for over 800 young people each year. And in the process, you'll grow our community of youth, volunteers, investors and stakeholders to help those we serve become confident, capable and connected to break the cycle of foster care.

So here's the challenge...

During the first 30 days, you will:

Learn JIT's core values, purpose and unique theory of change for messaging, outreach, fundraising and communication with stakeholders and the community.

Become intimately acquainted with all internal and external marketing and communication activities, from social media to PR partnerships.

During the first 60 days, you will:

Work with the JIT Leadership Team to develop an innovative strategy to build and manage the JIT Brand strategy, leading the effort to turn our outcomes and impact into compelling stories across existing and untapped platforms.

Work with the JIT Leadership Team to meet the communication needs of the organization as measured by results in these areas:

* Compelling communication content to donors/investors to meet $2.25 million revenue goal, including four major annual campaigns

* Ongoing engagement to recruit and retain service and skilled volunteers

* Oversight of consistent content for marketing to youth participants

* Internal marketing communications to raise staff engagement in mission

* Messaging to other nonprofits/agencies and partners to build the JIT Brand

* Increased visibility within the San Diego community, as evidenced by new

contributions, invitations to present, and multi-media exposure

During the first 90 days, you will:

Significantly expand and oversee JIT use of Social Media to broaden our stakeholder base and facilitate at least one online campaign each month

Collaborate with Development Staff to build an effective CRM system that will manage and analyze stakeholder interactions and data, resulting in increased engagement, extraordinary donor stewardship, accurate reports, mailing lists and email blast as needed

On an ongoing basis, you will:

Oversee production and distribution of high quality, compelling print, video, multi-media, and online marketing materials for events, print/event campaigns (4+ annually), online campaigns (monthly), events, reports, presentations, and donor stewardship in support of the communications plan throughout the year

Collaborate proactively with PR partners and generate continuous opportunities to share and showcase the JIT mission

Work across all teams to capture, collect, write, refine, and produce compelling written and visual stories

Work with skilled volunteers to train Youth, Staff, Board, and Volunteers as JIT ambassadors/public speakers

Direct skilled volunteers to assist marketing and social media efforts

Core Values

Just in Time is a values-driven organization so how a member of our team achieves results is as important as reaching the assigned outcomes. The following are essential:

* Authentic Commitment - Enthusiastic and consistent in working for the youth we serve

* Takes Ownership – Lives up to verbal and written commitments, accountable at all times

* Honest Communication - Speaks plainly and truthfully, builds trust and respect

* Curious & Coachable - Asks great questions, seeks to understand

* Positive & Adaptable - Adjusts to change, thrives with complexity

Competencies and Skills

* Creativity - comes up with lots of new and unique ideas; easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions; original and value-added in brainstorming settings

* Written Communication - writes clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles; ability to conceptualize and articulate ideas persuasively to all audiences

* Technical Learning/Functional Skills - picks up on technical things quickly; can learn new skills and knowledge; good at learning new industry, product, or technical knowledge; has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.

* Customer Focus - dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first-hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers

* Intellectual Horsepower - bright and intelligent; deals with concepts and complexity comfortably; described as intellectually sharp, capable, and agile.

* Innovation Management/Business Acumen - good at bringing the creative ideas of others to market; has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work; has a sense about managing the creative process of others; knows the competition; is aware of how strategies and tactics work in the marketplace.; can facilitate effective brainstorming; can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace.

* Learning on the Fly/Problem Solving – relentless and versatile learner; open to change; learns quickly when facing new problems

* Organizing, Time Management - good at figuring out the processes necessary to get things done; knows how to organize people and activities; understands how to separate and combine tasks into efficient work flow; concentrates efforts on the more important priorities; gets more done in less time than others; can attend to a broader range of activities.

* Presentation Skills – effective in a variety of presentation settings, including one-on-one, small and large groups within and without organization

* Action Oriented/Drive for Results - enjoys working hard; is action oriented and full of energy, drive and a need to finish things; steadfastly pushes self and others for results.

* Strategic Agility /Managing with Vision and Purpose - can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans; communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; can anticipate future consequences and trends

* Interpersonal Savvy/Peer Relationships - relates well to all kinds of people, builds appropriate rapport; builds constructive and effective relationships

* Attention to Detail - relentless in commitment to precision; works to ensure work in error free; creates systems and processes to double checks all correspondence, data and other information to meet the highest standard of quality

Experience and Education

* 3+ years of related work experience and proven ability, including production of compelling marketing materials

* Exceptional interpersonal skills and proven success in marketing and communications

* Strong track record of web content development and social media marketing

* Knowledge of the foster care system and related issues a plus

Application Process

This is a full-time, exempt position that is available immediately and will remain open until filled. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and their resume to

Just in Time for Foster Youth is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, age, disability, pregnancy, medical condition or covered veteran status.